What Is RuPaul's All Stars And Why Are We Gagging For Season 3?

Shantay, you stay right there. It's about to get good.

If you’re a TRUE Drag Race fan, you’ll know what all the buzz is over All Stars.

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From Season 1 to 8 we’ve fallen head over heels for SO many of Ru’s girls, that seeing them sashay away was truly heartbreaking.

But RuPaul, being a total icon, didn’t let us grieve for very long.

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RuPaul’s All Stars is a spin-off of Drag Race, a chance for all our favourite drag queens from past seasons to have another shot at being crowned the Drag Race Queen.

Not only are they older and wiser, but thirstier and hungrier than ever for that damn crown.

Meet this season's All Stars:

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