What Mean Girls Would Be Like If It Was Set In 2017

The Plastics plus social media = OMFG.

If you went to an American high school nowadays, it wouldn't look anything like the set of Mean Girls.

Not because it was actually full of 30-year-old actors pretending to be 16, or because Hollywood occasionally isn't 100% true to life - but because 2004 was in the dark ages before social media was really a thing.

Think about it - would the Burn Book really exist now? Would The Plastics call one another on their home phones?

Exactly. Here are several things that would have changed if Mean Girls was set in 2017.

1. The Plastics would have a killer Instagram account

But delete anything that didn't get past 11 likes.

2. The Burn Book would be a blog

M.G Films/Paramount Pictures

Tumblr, perhaps.

3. For Halloween, Cady would dress up as Eleven from Stranger Things

Those eyes.

4. And Regina would dress up as Harley Quinn

The costume was made for her.

5. Gretchen would desperately try to get Regina into her Snapchats

She should stop trying to make it happen. It's not going to happen.

6. Cady's party would get way more out of hand thanks to Facebook

Even though only 20 clicked 'attending'.

7. The gym guy would be pretty worried about Snapchat

People will steal the photos, and you will end up on the register.

8. Sexting would render the projection room above the auditorium (almost) useless

Would anyone have even found out?

9. Damian would be an avid YouTuber

Finally free to express his love for Christina Aguilera.

10. Kevin G would constantly share his tunes on Soundcloud

Don't like his Facebook statuses - you'll only encourage him.

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