Here's What Happened To All The Child Stars Who Appeared In Friends

Gert was in Lizzie McGuire and Matilda?!

We *know* it's been keeping you up at night. What happened to all those kids lucky enough to star in Friends?

Where did they go from there? The only way is down, surely.

Maybe they switched careers entirely, too scared to hit rock bottom. Perhaps they went into pottery. Archery. Telesales. All equally as fulfilling as dancing on Ross' feet at a wedding and getting paid for it.

Just as good as being taught pranks by Jennifer Aniston. Definitely as fun as CHATTING ON THE PHONE TO MATT LEBLANC ABOUT HIS LIFE GOALS.

Oh, who the hell are we kidding, these kids peaked between ages 0-15. Here's what they're up to now, anyway (and jeez, did some of them grow up HOT):

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