What Would ~Really~ Happen If Your Disney Faves Met IRL

Turns out foxes and hounds REALLY don't mix...

Disney has a habit of setting unrealistic expectations.

Paupers becoming princes. Rat chefs. Finding your one true love among 7bn people, settling down, never having doubts, getting bored, encountering extramarital desire, or crises of sexuality, and living happily ever after... Oh, and talking mice.


But one of the worst crimes Disney's committed is making us believe that animals could be friends. Do you know how hard it is having friends as an emotionally complex human? Very. Now multiply that by the urge to eat everything you encounter. Now we're getting somewhere.

So we decided to take a look back through the Disney archives, and work out what would happen if some fantasy friends met IRL... Warning, some of these pics are a bit graphic. But then again, so is nature, so there.

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