What Your Choice Of Cereal Says About Your Taste In Men

Trust us, it says a lot.

Coco Pops

The man-child, the mummy's boy, the stays-at-home-all-day-watching-reruns-of-Spongebob-Squarepants. Whatever you want to call it, you're into him. And you want to drink all the leftover chocolate milk with him.

Bran Flakes

Who enjoys Bran Flakes? They may be healthy, but can probably be classed as a form of self-harm. If you like eating bran flakes, then you like the kind of man who never goes to your friends' birthday parties with you, leaves his dirty underwear on your bedroom floor and makes you do all the cooking. And feeds you Bran Flakes.

Corn Flakes

The safe option. Nothing exciting, but generally reliable. The man you like is someone who always replies to your texts within 15 minutes and will never bail on dinner plans. You're not obsesed with him, but your parents love him and after a while, you'll decide it makes sense to settle down with him. You'll have a couple of kids together to attempt to ignite some fire into the relationship, but you both secretly know it won't work.

Rice Krispies

People only eat Rice Krispies because they get excited about the noise they make when they're in milk. If you're that excited about a bit of noise, you're probably into the kind of guy who describes himself as a 'part-time DJ'. But, of course, this actually means he works in recruitment and has provided the music to four of his friends' birthday parties and one wedding. Or maybe you enjoy a threesome with a brown-haired, blonde and ginger guy.


Sooo healthy! You looove being healthy! A toast to being healthy! But only if it's a low fat drink, like vodka and soda water. You will not touch a pint. And you want a man who wants the same journey to ultimate healthiness. He will cycle the ten miles it takes him to get to your house, only to spend the time using exercise bikes with you, in your home gym.


You actually hate granola. Everyone does. You just buy it because you have a massive crush on the guy who works at your local Wholefoods, and want him to think you're really healthy.


You like a man who, after sex, says "that's grrrrreat!" while doing a thumbs up. It really boosts your self esteem.

Fruit 'n Fibre

Boring cereal with a few nuts, some raisins... and what's that? Coconut?! Therefore, you like a seemingly dull man, with a surprising edge to him. Like an admin assistant, who goes to salsa dancing lessons after work.


You were once in love with a man who said "cheerio!" every time he left your boudoir. The only reason you eat Cheerios is to remind you of those sweet, sweet times.

Lucky Charms

You like Americans. Or leprechauns.

Golden Grahams

As you tuck into your bowl of Golden Grahams, a single tear rolls down your face, as you remember your 2008 Summer fling with Graham in Corfu. You will never forget Graham.

Own Brand Cereal

If you’re the kind of person who only forks out 25p for a bag of cornflakes, you want a man who loves bargaining as much as you do. You lust after a man who approaches you in a club and asks to buy you a drink, but is only willing to fork out £2.50, for the house spirit and mixer deal they are having. He also chooses to live in the room in his flatshare which only has room for a double bed. There's no room to move, but he's paying £100 less a month than his other flatmates!

All the cereals mixed together

You love orgies! LoL!!!!