Where Are All The Love Interests From Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies Now?

When you think about it, the girls did always have a thing for older guys...

What did every Mary-Kate and Ashley movie have in common? Well, yes, the twins and an exotic location. But there were always two cute boys just waiting to distract our heroines. 

So, in case you've ever wondered what happened to Jean and Michele or Derek and Paolo, we searched the dark corners of the internet to find out.

Passport To Paris: Jean and Michele

These two are the most iconic Mary-Kate and Ashley love interests, because Paris is a city full of romance, plus they drove mopeds and that was great for escaping the girls' grandpa and their minder, Jeremy. Jean, who romanced Ashley, was the best - mostly for the iconic scene above.


Brocker Way who played him was most recently credited as a producer on documentary The Battered Bastards of Baseball. Yawn.


Ethan Peck, who played MK's bae Jean, is still acting. Hurrah!

He was most recently in a film called The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty and interestingly did some video game acting as Gabriel Thorne in Halo 4. 

Switching Goals: Greg and Richie


How cute was Greg, aka Trevor Blumas?


He went on to star in Disney movie Ice Princess with Michelle Trachtenberg, but was last seen in a music video for Canadian band Fucked Up in 2015 - and is still cute. 


Richie, meanwhile, was played by Jake LeDoux, who was most notably in an episode of Smallville in 2006. He doesn't seem to have much of an internet presence. Sob.

When In Rome: Derek and Paolo


Another summer, another European adventure, another chance to meet hot boys. Ash didn’t do a very good job of sampling the Italian goods, instead getting with bad boy New Yorker Derek, played by Derek Lee Nixon. We always like it when actors have the same names as their characters IRL.

Derek Lee Nixon/Facebook

Anyway, Derek is still in acting/producing, and has a son and a daughter. He also works out. 


Mary-Kate managed to bag a hot Italian, in the form of Paolo, aka Michelangelo Tommaso.

He posts a lot of selfies on Instagram and was in a long-running Italian TV series, Un Posto Al Sole, until 2015.

Winning London: Lord James and Brian


Perhaps the most swoon-y love interest of all, Mary-Kate has a cheeky snog with James Browning, son of Lord Browning.

Of couuuuurse he was played by Jesse Spencer, all-round Aussie dreamboat, formerly of Neighbours fame. Jesse went on to star alongside Brittany Murphy (RIP) in romcom Uptown Girls, before taking a lead role in House as Dr Robert Chase. He's now in Chicago Fire, hence the fit fireman photo. 


Ashley's guy was Brian, who was also quite dashing, and played by Brandon Tyler. Brandon popped up in a few episodes of MK and Ash's series, So Little Time, but he hasn't acted since. And that's about it for him.

Getting There: Alex and Danny


Remember when the twins got separated and Mary-Kate ended up in Vegas, while Ashley ended up somewhere far more remote? Well, thankfully these two can sniff out boys anywhere: even when one of them is a famous athlete. Yep, MK spent the film obsessing over seeing Alex Ryder compete at the Winter Olympics - then sat next to him on a ski lift. 

Turns out Getting There was Jason Benesh's one and only acting experience and now he's more of a producer type. 


Ashley's guy Danny, on the other hand, has worked pretty much constantly since Getting There. 

You might know Billy Aaron Brown better as Kyle from 8 Simple Rules, and he's also popped up in CSI and Mike & Molly.

New York Minute: Jim and Trey

After getting thrown off the train in New York for Mary-Kate’s lack of ticket, Ashley meets Jim, played by Riley Smith.

Now, you may not recognise the name instantly, but you might recognise the California cutie from roles on 90210, True Blood, Nashville and True Detective. He was also in dance movie Make It Happen.

Mary-Kate, meanwhile, is more into the senator’s son, Trey – played by none other than Jared Padalecki.

He was still on Gilmore Girls at the time, so you probably recognised him instantly, and also watched him in the recent revival. Jared is married to actress Genevieve Cortese and the couple’s third child is due in March. Soz, MK.

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