Where Are The Cast Of Good Burger 20 Years Later?

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?

This summer will mark 20 years since Good Burger was released. WE KNOW! But what happened to the cast who introduced us to Good Sauce, Mondo Burger and the joys of sticking grapes up your nose?

Here's what the key actors and actresses from Good Burger are up to now...

Kel Mitchell (Ed)

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Remember the widely-spread rumour that one of Kenan and Kel died? Well, thank goodness it wasn’t true. Kel continues to act in TV series Game Shakers, a kids’ show about two girls who start a gaming company, with his rap superstar character Double G as their backer. He also does stand-up comedy, hosts gospel and Christian concerts and is married to Asia-Lee Mitchell. No word on how he feels about Orange Soda or Good Sauce.

Kenan Thompson (Dexter)

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A long-running member of the Saturday Night Live cast since 2003, Kenan reunited with Kel for a Good Burger sketch on Jimmy Fallon in 2015, and it was magical. He’s married to model Christina Evangeline and they have one daughter, Georgia Marie, born in 2014.

Sinbad (Mr Wheat)

Nickelodeon Movies

Remember Dexter’s long-suffering teacher? Well, actor/comedian Sinbad (real name David Adkins) has worked on various projects since Good Burger, with his own Comedy Central stand-up show Where U Been? and voice work on animated movie Planes and animated series American Dad. Unfortunately, he filed for bankruptcy a second time in 2013, with tax debts also cited. The 60-year-old is married to Meredith Fuller and they have two grown-up children, Paige and Royce.

Abe Vigoda (Otis)

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2016 claimed one of its first victims in Abe Vigoda, who sadly passed away on January 26th, age 94. He continued to act until 2014, but was best known for playing Tessio in The Godfather.

Shar Jackson (Monique)

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Dexter's luuuurve interest has had a pretty interesting love life IRL, too: she was Mrs Kevin Federline before Britney Spears was, meaning two of her four children - Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline (srsly) and Kori Madison Federline - are half-siblings with Britney's kids, Sean and Jayden. Shar won MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar in 2007 and also appeared on Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp.

Linda Cardellini (Heather)

Nickelodeon Movies

Totally did not realise until now that the girl from the mental hospital in Good Burger grew up to be Velma in Scooby Doo, Lindsay in Freaks And Geeks, Sam on ER, Sylvia on Mad Men and Meg in Bloodline. Arguably Good Burger's biggest success story, Linda gave birth to her daughter Lilah-Rose in 2012, with long-term partner Steven Rodriguez.

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