Where Are Your Face Or Mine's Anthony & Jestina Now?

Did Jestina's jealousy get the better of them… or are they busy spending their YFOM winnings together?

Who didn't love our second Your Face Or Mine couple, Anthony and Jestina? The 20-year-old social media superstars (in the making) brought all the LOLs with their views on dimples, teeth gaps and Instagram babies. 

But, of course, we also saw the full extent of Jestina's jealousy when our gal Katherine Ryan bust some moves with her boo Anthony. And then we threw further spanners in the works by bringing on Anthony's first kiss, Devon, plus one of the regulars at the club where he works – who just so happens to have a massive crush on him. Soz not soz.

So, did they manage to survive the Your Face Or Mine curse we're pretty much convinced will take over the series? YES. YES THEY DID. 

Comedy Central

"You guys tried to set me up," laughed Anthony when we caught up with him and Jestina earlier this week. "I’m joking, but that’s what I kept saying at the time [of filming]."

"I don’t think we argued about anything after the show, I was just like 'nah-nah nah-nah' – I got my best friend and he got his ex," added Jestina, who was spared any real skeletons in her closet appearing on the show. But how did she feel when Anthony's school sweetheart arrived on the show?

"I had never seen Devon in my life, but I had a lot of primary school friends who looked like her, so I actually thought it was one of them and got up to greet her when she came on," she told Comedy Central. "You’ll see how shocked I was on the recording, I remember my face dropping!"

As for how their relationship has changed since filming Your Face Or Mine, Jestina said confidently, "I think our relationship has gotten better since the show – we’re more chilled."

"Yeah, I agree!" added Anthony. "Though I think you’ll always be a jealous person…"

"I’m getting better!" said Jestina. "You guys did the digging for me and if Devon is the worst he’s got, then I’m OK with that!"

Glad we could be of service, Jestina. 

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