Where Are Your Face Or Mine’s Lewis & Harriette Now?

We might have broken these two up for reals… Uh-oh…

What a ride this week’s Your Face Or Mine was! Lewis had to put up with us bringing on the Tinder Twins, while Harriette had an unexpected visit from a former fling… we really did test the couple. The question is, has their relationship survived, or are these two no more?

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“Well, it went from the Jimmy Carr show to the Jeremy Kyle show as soon as we got backstage, minus the chavvy attire and lack of teeth,” said Harriette, when we checked in on her last week. “Lewis was so mad that he split up with me. Our parents and friends were all waiting for us at the bar while wailing away in the green room!”

Uh-oh… We might have really effed this one up. Lewis, over to you?

“For me the most brutal moment was when Harriette chose Ryan [her former fling] for double money. Perhaps I misheard what was being said, but at the time I was also convinced that they were still texting, and the feeling that came over me after Harriette chose Ryan was honestly indescribable.”

Feeling. Really. Guilty. Right. Now. Tell us there’s a happy ending?

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“We argued a lot over the fact that we agreed to play the game, but in that moment with Ryan I felt that Harriette shouldn’t have gone for the cash unless she was making an honest choice,” explained Lewis. “The fortunate thing for our relationship was that I was flying to the States on business the following morning…”

“The very next day after filming, Lewis went to America on business and had time to reflect on what a knob he'd been,” laughed Harriette. “He couldn't had been nicer... Calling, texting, apologising. He also said the show has brought him down a peg or two, and made him more humble – thank God!”

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Sounds promising, guys! YOU SURVIVED YOUR FACE OR MINE! Now what have you learned from the whole experience?

“I think I have come to realise that a relationship is more than just skin deep,” said Lewis. “We have had some great moments and I honestly believe that Harriette is the one!”

Our hearts just melted. Let’s blame it on the heatwave.

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