Who has the sexier mugshots: USA or UK?

Jeremy Meeks and Sean Kory have caused quite the stir with their criminally handsome mugshots, but what about our own sexy criminals here in the UK? Can they compare to America's legion of dreamy villains? Let's find out!

[subheader]Round 1[/subheader]

We're not saying the American is that ugly, but he's not a patch on our handsome Brit. The UK wins round 1.


[subheader]Round 2[/subheader]

Those smoudlering eyes. The perfect skin. It's a no brainer: round 2 also goes to the UK.


[subheader]Round 3[/subheader]

You can't argue with bone structure like that, UK it is again.


[subheader]Round 4[/subheader]

The only thing this Brit is guilty of* is stealing our hearts. Round 4 to the UK.


*not necessarily true

[subheader]Round 5[/subheader]

Meeks caused a stir, but he's clearly trying too hard. Simply blown out of the water by the effortless good looks of our gent on the right.


[subheader]Round 6[/subheader]

That poor attempt at a goatee is a deal breaker, round 6 to the UK.


[subheader]Round 7[/subheader]

The quizzical look of the lady on the right, as if to say "how is this girl even good enough to be compared to me?"


[subheader]Round 8[/subheader]

These guys are actually quite similar, except one put time and effort in to their appearance and the other let himself go. UK wins again.


[subheader]Round 9[/subheader]

Geek chic pulled off to perfection. The UK it is yet again.


[subheader]Round 10[/subheader]

Are those ears or wings on the left? The chiseled good looks of the Brit win again.


[subheader]Round 11[/subheader]

At last! An American with some rugged good looks and eyes so blue they look like you could swim in them.


[subheader]FINAL SCORE: 10-1 TO THE UK[/subheader]

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