Who Remembers... Hurricanes?

Sit down, grab a can of Irn-Bru and take a trip down memory lane as we remember one of the best football-themed cartoons of the 1990s...

[subheader]What the shit was it?[/subheader]

A Scottish-funded football-themed cartoon in which the titular team sometimes played their rivals the Gorgons and sometimes went round the world having pleasantly wacky adventures. The team were impressively international, with American, Brazilian, German, Japanese, Jamaican, French, Spanish and Italian members, all under the watchful eye of 12-year-old owner Amanda.

[subheader]How good was the theme tune?[/subheader]

Excellent. Pretty much what every song in the world should sound like, to be honest.

[subheader]Where are they now?[/subheader]

Production company DIC no longer exists following acquisition by Canadian company Cookie Jar group. Members of the voice cast have gone on to all sorts of cartoons from Dragon Ball Z to X-Men, and Andrew Airlie (who voiced the team’s doctor, Andy) played Christian Grey’s dad in the 50 Shades film. The show itself is largely consigned to knackered decomposing VHS tapes.

[subheader]Was it any good?[/subheader]

At the time, yeah. It was a lot of fun, and the baddies were super-corporate while the goodies were independent as hell, so it all a bit punk-rock and all. It hasn't aged amazingly, but then nor has Granddad (he's dead).

[subheader]Fun fact![/subheader]

Hurricanes manager Jock Stone is based on real-life Scottish manager Jock Stein. Look at their haircuts.

[subheader]Let’s watch a full episode![/subheader]