Who remembers... The Demon Headmaster?

Sit down, sharpen the points on your crucifix and take a trip down memory lane as we remember the most terrifying TV show of your childhood...

[subheader:list:1]What the shit was it?[/subheader]

Twenty three years had passed since the release of The Exorcist and the scars had just started to heal until The Demon Headmaster hit British television screens.  Essentially, the plot revolved around a headmaster who hypnotised every child in his school into obeying his draconian rules.  Well every child except for our heroic protagonists, Dinah, her two foster brothers Lloyd and Harvey and three others who formed SPLAT (The Society for the Protection of our Lives Against Them).  The gang took it upon themselves to battle the headmaster and overthrow his oppressive regime. Viva la revolución!

Although to be honest, a man whose main aim in hypnotising the children was to improve exams results is frankly a bit of a relief.

[subheader]How good was the theme tune?[/subheader]

The theme tune was appropriately eerie and terrifying. When the first few notes would ring out from your television set, every man, woman and child in the country was immediately gripped with fear. Not dissimilar to how people felt when they would hear air raid sirens during the war...probably.

[subheader]Where are they now?[/subheader]

Terrence Hardiman who played the Demon Headmaster has since gone on to be in Doctors, Holby City and even Doctor Who. Rumours that he hypnotised his way into the roles have refused to go away.  Also, he still looks like former Labour MP Jack Straw!

Frances Amey, who played eponymous hero, Dinah, was so traumatised by her encounters with The Demon Headmaster that she gave up on acting altogether for 15 years but perturbed by his success, she vowed not to let him win and has recently entered back into the acting fray, intent on bringing him down once and for all.

[subheader]Was it any good?[/subheader]

If by good you mean, it terrified you to your very soul and exposed you to a dark force that gives credence to the idea that not only does Satan exist but he is on earth and moving among us...then yes, the show was good.

[subheader]Fun fact![/subheader]

Gillian Cross, the writer of the novels on which the TV show was based, got the idea for the books when she was hypnotised at school by a demon headmaster...played by Terrence Hardiman.

[subheader]Let's watch a full episode[/subheader]

Well a bit of an episode anyway.




Terrence Hardiman ... The Demon Headmaster
Frances Amey ... Dinah Hunter
Gunnar Atli Cauthery ... Lloyd Hunter
Kristy Bruce ... Ingrid
Thomas Szekeres ... Harvey Hunter
Rachael Goodyer ... Mandy
Anthony Cumber ... Ian
Tessa Peake-Jones ... Mrs. Hunter