Who will be the Beast to Emma Watson's Beauty?

Emma Watson has been cast as Belle in Disney's live-action remake of Beauty And The Beast, but there's no word yet on who'll play Beast. In order to help, we've worked out the first people the casting agents will go for, and the pros and cons of each...

[subheader]Brian Blessed[/subheader]

PROS: Classically trained actor, looks like a giant bear

CONS: Is 78 years old so the sexual tension between them will be lacking at best and a bit unsettling at worst

[subheader]Yu Zhenhuan, aka "King Kong"[/subheader]

PROS: Guinness World Record holder as the hairiest man alive, cool nickname

CONS: Lacks star power, untested actor

[subheader]Paul "The Big Show" Wight[/subheader]

PROS: Has pre-existing fanbase from WWE, already has action figures available

CONS: None

[subheader]Ron Perlman[/subheader]

PROS: Has played the role before, in a 1987 TV series

CONS: Looks like Lion-O

[subheader]Beast from the X-Men[/subheader]

PROS: Is used to answering to the name Beast, has the gravitas and comic timing of Kelsey Grammer

CONS: The character rights currently belong to Fox rather than Disney, which'll mean loads of paperwork

[subheader]Roman Reigns[/subheader]

PROS: Got booed after winning the WWE Royal Rumble last weekend so can empathise with the Beast's vulnerability, looks like a big monster

CONS: Is pretty much a massive hunk


PROS: Owns a lot of clothing with "BEAST" written on (owns a fashion label by that name, in fact), has 8 million YouTube subscribers which'd take care of the marketing

CONS: Would require tearing him away from FIFA for a while, which seems unlikely

[subheader]The Bee Gees[/subheader]

PROS: Lots of hair, would know their way round the musical numbers

CONS: Falsetto singing wouldnt seem right, also they're 66% dead