Who's Got The Best Banter: Skeletor Or He-Man?

He-Man was the most powerful man in the Universe. Skeletor was a barmy sociopath with a skull for a head and abs to die for. For much of the eighties, the pair were locked in deadly battle for the keys to Castle Greyskull. But one issue has never been resolved: who had the better bants? Decide for yourself, then join #TeamSkeletor or #TeamHeMan below...

[subheader]Skeletor's brutal cusses[/subheader]

Choice quotes include: "You are a wimp scientist" and "You pathetic pair of pitiful pin heads"

[subheader]He-Man's polite put downs[/subheader]

Choice quotes include: "Let's see you pick on someone your own size" and "You're a loser"

[subheader]Vote for the best Banter Claus here:[/subheader]

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