Why Kim Kardashian Deserved To Win Woman Of The Year

Kim Kardashian was crowned Woman of the Year at last night’s GQ awards. Though this has prompted a backlash from some twitter users, we think the award was thoroughly deserved. Here’s everything she’s been doing this year to earn it.

[subheader]Creating a computer game to help poor ordinary people become more like Kim Kardashian[/subheader]

Thanks Kim!

[subheader]Releasing her first photography collection to share all the best pictures she's taken of Kim Kardashian[/subheader]

The Tate Britain: "Thanks Kim!"

[subheader]Inventing revolutionary new tanning products to help us all look a bit more like Kim Kardashian[/subheader]

Scientific community: "Thanks Kim"

[subheader]Improving boring cultural events like the opera through the addition of Kim Kardashian[/subheader]

Vienna Opera House: "Thanks Kim"

[subheader]Not allowing motherhood to stop her from being the Kim Kardashian we all know and love[/subheader]

Thanks Kim!

[subheader]Going up a bum size so the world has even more Kim Kardashian to enjoy[/subheader]

World: "Thanks Kim!"

[subheader]Going incognito in public to give the rest of us a chance[/subheader]

The rest of us: "Thanks Kim"

[subheader]Selfless community work to help people who struggle to cope with reality[/subheader]

Kanye: "Sometimes I get emotional over fonts"

[subheader]Tireless charity appearances to help raise awareness of Kim Kardashian[/subheader]

Kim Kardashian: "Thanks Kim!"