Wife Paints Husband A Note With His Lunch Every Day And Now We Want To Marry Her Too

Brb, off to buy a ring.

What's the last note you left for your significant other? "Don't forget to buy milk"? "You owe me £10"? "I regret ever meeting you"?

Whatever it was, your notes pale in comparison to the wonderful hand-painted messages one wife adorns her husband's lunchbox with every damn day. 

The pictures were uploaded to Reddit by user ImLickingYourEar (they aren't, we checked).

They captioned them: "An aquantence of mine draws her husband a note for his lunches and they are amazing! [sic]". 

And they weren't lying. 

Brb, we're off to cry into our Supernoodles and the "Buy toilet paper" Post-it that sits beside them. 

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