Will Ferrell Says He Wants To Start Leaving The House Naked On The Daily Show

We'd be into it, TBH.
Comedy Central

Will Ferrell went on The Daily Show to talk about his new film Daddy's Home, which also stars Mark Wahlberg.

When he sat down, he commented how he had to undo his suit jacket, because it was too tight, so Trevor Noah said that he should just strip off entirely. He said that "people would just think it's for a movie", to which Will replied with "yes, until they saw me being placed delivately into a cop car". But he did say that he'd like to do it. If he wouldn't get arrested. So he probably won't ever do it. Soz.

In Daddy's Home, Trevor's favourite scene is when Will's character takes basketballs and hits people with them. Fair enough. It turns out that Will actually hit people with the balls (lol) and no special effects were used at all. Ouch!

When filming one scene, the cast went to a real basketball game and no one in the crowd knew they were being filmed. So, after Will turned up and attacked people with basketballs, people were outraged and vented their anger on social media. People tweeted things like "he was intoxicated wondering onto the court!", "I hope he pays for this" and "I am tired of his shenanigans!"

However, people eventually realised that it was for a movie... and that's why he was also naked!