Will Smith And Alfonso Ribeiro Prove Their Friendship Is Still Fresh 22 Years Later

The love is REAL.

In this digital day and age, we're lucky if our friendships last longer than five minutes, let alone five years... 

But The Fresh Prince himself and Carlton Banks have shown the internet that meaningful relationships are still possible! Who would have thought it?! 

It was Tuesday that Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro  posted the cutest picture on Instagram together, with Will referring to Alfonso as “one of (his) favorite people on this Whole Damn Rock.”

But just when you thought things couldn't get any sweeter, Alfonso posted the same snap, too, captioned:  “Had a great time this morning playing with my boy @willsmith." 

We know. Adorable. 

Both wearing polo shirts and caps, it's clear that they'd been golfing it up.

We love an athletic duo. We can practically smell the sportswear sponsorships brewing... 

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