Woman Trolls Creepy Guys With Brilliantly Insane Responses

"Unfortunately I'm rather caught up with my imaginary friend Maurice and my 57 personalities."

Women trolling men online: it's a thing. Not in a horrible, unsolicited way, you understand - but when creepy dudes send them random, unwanted messages on the internet.com, they're starting to get a taste of their own medicine. 

How? A dash of good humour, a sprinkle of emojis and an internet connection, mostly.

Michelle Silveira via facebook

Meet Michelle, a 25-year-old accounts manager based in Mumbai. After receiving a perplexing number of random, unsolicited messages from potential suitors, i.e, gross swamp people, she felt compelled to share her experience with others.

Earlier this week we brought you this lady, who sent a few penis pics of her own back to the suitor who deemed a dick pic an appropriate substitute for 'hello'.


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