Someone Has Come Up With The Worst Harry Potter Fan Theory Ever


We love a good Harry Potter fan theory. Dumbledore represents death, Snape killed Hedwig, Hagrid is Chinese... they're all fine by us.

But sometimes, people take it too far. They see things that aren't there. Like Nargles. OR THE DURSLEYS FORESHADOWING THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.

Yup, that's right. Redditor iShootWithACamera recently posted a Harry Potter fan theory suggesting that the Dursley's Christmas gifts to Harry may have been parallels for the Deathly Hallows.

Here's what the little punk wrote:

"First Year: The Dursleys sent Harry a fifty-pence piece, a representation of the Resurrection Stone.
Second Year: The Dursleys sent Harry a toothpick, a representation of the Elder Wand.
Fourth Year: The Dursleys sent Harry a single tissue, a representation of the Invisibility Cloak."

To come up with this theory, one has to ignore Harry's birthday presents (because Vernon's old sock doesn't have a magical parallel. Who knew). 

But the Redditor staunchly defends their idea, saying: "Given the detail JKR put into the series, it wouldn't surprise me that she planned this, if even subconsciously."

Now we have to patiently wait for JK Rowling to confirm or deny this in one of her sassy tweets. But she'll deny it. Obvs. Because 50p. They're trying to claim symbolism in 50p. That's worse than your GCSE English teacher. Please, JK, say it ain't so. 

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