21 Reasons Britain Is The Funniest Country In The World

Lol Britannia.

We Brits are famed for our sense of humour, or so we like to think. The thing is, when was the last time a Frenchman came up to you and said: "Ahh zee Eeenglish, you are so funnayy! Yerr jowkes are heestericull. And yerr impressions are, 'ow do you say, eempeciblee?"

Never, and there's probably a good reason for it. But we are hilarious, and we can prove it. 

1. We know what constitutes breaking news

2. We have the most banterous dip in the world

3. We take our patriotism very seriously

4. We’re tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime

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5. We have no problem talking about the real issues

6. We actually live in places like this

7. We have a day dedicated to one politician tweeting his own name

8. We care about being right almost as much as we care about crisps

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9. We had a collective heart attack when someone stuffed up a baked alaska


10. We’re just so down to earth

11. We have our priorities completely in order

12. We have a loose definition of the phrase ‘real life’

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13. We have little to no respect for our Royal Family

14. But then again, they can surprise us  

15. We have the best postal service in the world

16. We actually thought this was a good name for a dessert

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17. We don’t take much convincing when it comes to booze

18. We may not have got a research vessel named Boaty McBoatface, but we got a bloody submarine named Boaty McBoatface

19. We are the masters of puns

20. We always manage to put our foot in it; sometimes both

21. Basically, this is us all the time

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