Yoga Is Not A Peaceful Activity For The Lanky & Uncoordinated

There’s nothing Zen about falling flat on your face.

Namaste all those vertically gifted folks who have experienced the humiliation of yoga. 

Being lanky means you always have a bad back because your posture is rubbish and you spend most days sagging like a wobbly bridge. But there’s a cure for your aches: yoga. 

Your Whole Foods-eating, ohm-chanting and #blessed mate recommends visiting their yogi. They promise this bendy hero will show you #thepath to fixing your posture, strengthening your core and generally making you a better and more chilled out person. 

They’re wrong. 

The yoga struggle is very real for the lanky and uncoordinated. So if you’re as supple as Rivita and have fallen face down into the sweat-soaked, stinking sponge of a yoga mat here are 17 things you’ll totes understand.  

By Mike Currell

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