Yoni Necklaces Are The Amazing Trend Nobody Expected

Yep, those are vaginas and yep, you'll soon be wearing one.

Fannies. Yonis. Fufus. Wizard's sleeves. Vaginas. 

We don't see enough of 'em about, do we?


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Sure, we get hella butts and boobies, but when it comes to the magical reproductive organ that ensures the human population continues to regenerate and flourish, we falter in our acts of celebration.

Oft considered 'too rude', 'a bit much', or simply all too 'female', they're hidden by layers of thick clothing (read: the patriarchy) lest someone (male and middle class) get upset when they're reminded they exist.


Check out these yoni necklaces, a new trend sweeping the world and hopefully, Urban Outfitters at an extortionate price very soon:

Wear 'em round your neck, stick 'em around your house, carry a spare to gift the bloke who stares at you in disbelief on the bus early Monday morning. Happy new year one and all, a revolution is coming (twice).