You Can Now Enjoy Hygge With A KFC Scented Candle


A KFC candle now exists. As it burns, it fills your home with the aroma of fried bird. Why? We *suspect* for marketing purposes. How? We'd prefer not to know. Where do we get one? Step this way...


Zero Calories #kfc #kfcadventcalendar #colonelsanders

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All you need to do is enter KFC New Zealand's prize draw, suggesting the next odd piece of chicken merch they should develop - and the candle could be yours. It's not the only piece of wacky homeware on offer, either...

The chicken chain is known for slighty ~out there~ marketing ploys, and tbh, we fall for 'em every time.


The Colonel lives!

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Christmas chicken burger, anyone? Not gonna lie, it looks preeeeeetty good.

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