You Have To Watch This Man Propose With A Farting Butt Ring

Will she blow him off? Or will he follow through?

Thought you'd seen all the weird marriage proposals the world had to offer, didn't you. Thought you were over fart jokes, too. 

Eddie Moffett via bored panda

Well you were mistaken, dear reader. Because someone just let rip a fart proposal and it was awesome. How? Like this:

Musician/actor/film maker/inventor/internet marketer Eddie Moffet designed and made this gassy butt ring for reasons known only to himself (and hopefully his bride to be), but we're *loving* his work. 

"I made and gave this to my wife. She was excited when she saw the box. Then she opened it and laughed… Thank God." 

Poetic. His website (where you can purchase 'The Moon Ring' for a mere $9.95) explains 'Why'. Just, why?:

"Sure, it's not for everyone. It's most specifically not for women expecting a legitimate marriage proposal, but I can almost guarantee it'll get a laugh from anyone with a sense of humor.

The Moon ring is for couples that laugh together and trust each other (married or not), because it's just a joke. Er wait, not "just." It's a damn good joke, or prank, or gag gift, or whatever you wanna call it. I mean, come on, it's a farting ass in the place of a freakin' engagement ring. If that doesn't at least make you smile, then GET OUTTA HERE! Butt seriously, yes I did that on purpose, it's funny. Get one and try it."

We're right behind ya, Eddie. We just hope you follow through. Here's a video of the ring in action, because everyone wants to see that shit:

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