Turns Out You've Been Singing The Friends Theme Tune Wrong Your Whole Life

This is brand new information and we CANNOT DEAL.

If you’re a true Friends fan, you’ll know how the theme tune goes.

Warner Bros.

We still catch ourselves doing the iconic four claps, air guitaring, and shamelessly singing along to the best sitcom opening credits EVER.

But as it turns out, even some of the show's BIGGEST fans have lived a lie.

Warner Bros.

One Friends fan found out the hard way, after singing the lyrics wrong on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

The unlucky competitor had to sing The Rembrandts ‘I’ll Be There For You’ correctly for the chance to win £500, but unfortunately, made one rookie mistake…

Check it out:

That’s right guys, it’s 'POUR', not 'FALL'.

We mean, it makes sense:

“I'll be there for you, When the rain starts to POUR, I'll be there for you, Like I've been there BEFORE”... c'mon, 'fall' doesn't even rhyme. 

But these fans are dumbfounded, and have been shocked to discover the news:

Your WHOLE life?

Yep, soz.


Unite in shame.


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