You'll Never Guess What Mike Tyson Had To Say About Danny Dyer

Partly because: why the hell is Mike Tyson talking about Danny Dyer?
Danny Dyer. Hard man. Slaaag-slayer. UFO enthusiast. Don.

Whatever your reason for loving D.D - his viral voiceovers, his sputtering film roles, his weird, bugled-up ever-presence in the staff rooms of regional nightclubs - there's no denying that the man is a bonafide hero.

So it's no surprise that the second hardest man alive, Mike Tyson, would take a liking to Canning Town's most famous trouper.

‘What’s the gentleman that does all those action movies?’ he said in an interview with The Sun.

‘Danny Dyer. I love him to death. He’s cool and I love his movies. I haven’t seen EastEnders, but I’m familiar with it.’

Danny, ever modest, replied with this tweet…

Be a bit of a weird wind-up though, wouldn't it? Nah, we reckon Iron Mike is serious – and we smell a buddy cop movie in the making.

Doubt that Danny's got what it takes to star in a big budget action flick? Balls. Check out our Avengers dub at the top of this post, and swallow your stupid words.