Your Favourite Cartoons Have Been Perfectly Reimagined As Hipsters

Mainstream is too mainstream.

Cartoons are larger than life. Over the top. Exaggerated. And you know what else fits that description? Hipsters. That’s what.

So Mad magazine illustrator and visionary Matt Lassen has mushed up the two things to create perfect hipster representations of some of our favourites. 

Imagine. Bart Simpson on a penny-farthing, Spongebob SquarePants in square specs, Popeye chugging down tins of organic kale and Betty Boop as the vintage queen she was always meant to be. 

“I wanted to do an homage to cartoons from my youth with a comment on society,” he explained to Buzzfeed. “I thought it would be fun to see something I love, cartoons, with something I dislike, hipsters… I thought it would be a fun series.”

You know what, Matt? It is fun. It is.

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