You've Watched This Insane, Banned, X-Rated Friends Commercial, Right?

Well we didn't see that coming...

When Friends first arrived upon our TV screens in 1994, nobody could have predicted that it would become the belly laugh behemoth that it is today.

In fact, TV execs were worried that it might flop – leading them to pile money into a big, brash marketing campaign before the show's first airing.

But it's kind of tricky to advertise, isn't it? At its heart, Friends is just a show about a bunch of people living pretty average lives.

So how did the network choose to showcase their now-legendary cast? In their underwear, of course:

The ironic advertisement - and its sequel - was eventually banned, but the cast managed to sneak enough naughtiness into the show to make up for it.

Although Joey still wasn't taking any risks.

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