Zayn Malik Says Aliens Told Him To Leave One Direction And We're Losing Our Minds

The truth is out there.

It's the question everyone's been asking for the last year. Why did Zayn leave One Direction? Why? WHY ZAYN?

Well, now he's come clean in an interview with Glamour.

To begin, they asked: "First time you realised you wanted to break off from 1D and go off on your own?"

He replied: "An alien spoke to me in a dream..."

An alien spoke to him in a dream? What??

We're not sure if Zayn was joking or not, but let's take him at his word. An alien - we're uncertain what variety, but we assume something right out of Men In Black - came to him not through his bedroom window, but in a deep sleep state.

They then gave him one piece of advice: "Zayn. Leave One Direction. Cut off all your damn hair. Dump your perfectly wonderful pop star girlfriend. In fact, be photographed sleeping in another woman's bed for good measure. Then dump her. Then date the hottest supermodel you can find. Then take over the world."

This means he's up to THE FINAL STAGE.


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